Protecting the Rights of Those Charged with Drug Possession in the St. Louis Area

Missouri legislators and law enforcement authorities take any type of unlawful drug possession extremely seriously. Even if you possess a few pills without a prescription or a small amount of cocaine, you can be arrested and will likely face felony charges in criminal court. Prosecutors in St. Louis County and City regularly pursue drug charges to the fullest extent of the law and a drug possession conviction can completely change your life.

Anyone who has been arrested on suspicion of drug possession should immediately contact a knowledgeable drug possession attorney who understands how to successfully defend against this type of charge and who can limit the penalties you face.

Drug Possession Penalties in St. Louis City and County

If you are convicted of any type of drug possession, you can be facing serious consequences. While possession of 35 grams or less or marijuana is a Misdemeanor offense in St. Louis, all other drug possession allegations can be charged as at least a Class C Felony. A conviction for a Class C Felony can mean the following consequences:

The penalties for a drug conviction can increase even more if you are accused of possessing a large amount of a substance, if you have prior drug convictions, or if other aggravating factors are alleged.

In addition to the above, a felony drug possession conviction can disqualify you from educational scholarships or programs, job opportunities, or even places to live. For these reasons, drug possession cases should always be taken extremely seriously.

How a Drug Possession Defense Attorney can Help You

There are many ways an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you defend against drug possession charges in St. Louis courts to reduce or eliminate the charges you face. Some of the ways our skilled defense team can help include the following:

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